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Figure + expression sketching by TheUltione Figure + expression sketching :icontheultione:TheUltione 4 7 Ability Fusions doodle sheet by TheUltione Ability Fusions doodle sheet :icontheultione:TheUltione 32 12
A/N: Note that this is part 2 of the story; please make sure you read Doubt before this one. Thanks, more notes at the end.
Your head.
It must swimming in the oppressive darkness by now.
Your mind.
You're not sure where you left it, but you surely want it back now.
Your body?
The rest of you is sleeping soundly in the real world, where you are certainly needed at the moment.
"..w...ake up..."
You see? Someone is requesting your presence there, my friend. Wouldn't it behoove you to respond to the call?
Now, awaken Satsuki. Return from whence you've came and face your desti-
"..wake up this instant or else I'll smack you."
A sudden chill entered the room, biting in its frigidness, enough to rouse Satsuki from his slumber. He jolted upright and glanced frantically around for the source of such a cold draft. Perhaps he'd left the window open? Or perhaps..
As he sat there shivering, his gaze met with that of a.
:icontheultione:TheUltione 1 0
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...more than a month later. Tagged by Raqonteur 

1 - He's both red-headed, green-eyed, and left-handed! So he's triply special. :> lol

2 - He's a rather talented artist though due to his self-esteem issues, he'll never realise it. And neither will anyone else actually, since Satsuki's adamant on hiding all of his non-work related stuff. As for his style, he likes a more realistic, heavily shaded piece and he prefers drawing animals (especially birds) and nature more than people. Ask him to draw you and he'll likely spit in your face :b

3 - Despite what others will tell you, Satsuki is actually pretty decent in a fight. It's actually his self-doubt (and possibly interference from others who don't like him) that prevents him from becoming an accomplished knight. Maybe an inability to adapt as well.

4 - His family life was nothing to write home about. His mom was the typical, stay-at-home peasant while his dad was some sort of mercenary. He inherited his red hair from his dad, in case you wanted to know. :b For unspecified, spoilery reasons, Satsuki is no longer connected to his family..

5 - One day, (again, spoilery so I'll keep it vague) Satsuki met his best friend Ryouta and they've been inseparable since. He won't admit it but he enjoys Ryo's company, especially since the other knights snub him. Ryouta, likewise, enjoys being around his sullen, introverted friend (and finds many reasons to tease him for it).

6 - His current job is some sorta courier knight where he delivers messages to and from the knights, over battlefields, frozen hellscapes, deserts.. or maybe from one castle room to another; his master, the knight he's sworn under, is a tad bit.. lazy. Satsuki has (indirectly) received missions from the lord of the castle he's sworn to protect but has never actually met him. He's convinced he will, though, someday. When he gets promoted. Hopefully.

7 - His dream is to become a full-fledged knight of high regard. Preferably, one that doesn't deliver messages. And actually gets to do cool shit.

8 - Satsuki is not, by any stretch of the word, a morning person. He would rather spend his whole morning sleeping soundly than deliver another goddamn message by noon UGH
For this reason, he'd rather spend a whole night on his mission and sleep once the sun starts rising. It's.. practical, according to him.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading.. and I guess I should use the rest of this page to shamelessly self-promote. :>

Read Satsuki's story here:
Doubt (One-shot)You know you’ve reached the end of your rope if you drift into blissful unconsciousness and the first thing you see... is me.
Well, ‘hear’ in this case, since it’s rather dark right now. Pitch-black in fact. I’m beginning to wonder if you’re even paying attention.
Buuuut, technical difficulties are fairly standard in my line of business so I won’t dwell on it for too long. A little.. poor visibility and complete lack of senses won’t bog me down!
So with that out of the way... what brings you here, Satsuki? Relationship troubles? Kids picking on you again? Is your self-esteem completely depleted to the point that you won’t mind if you just disappear?
“...Uh, where am I again? I’m pretty sure I went to sleep a while ago.. why do I feel like this isn’t some weird dream I’m having?"

...Why, I just told you dammit. If you’re really down in the dumps or having

More info about this mediocre fellow:
Inner Demons (Inktober) by TheUltione  Satsuki colour ref by TheUltione Satsuki - Rough ref sheet by TheUltione  Happy Valentine's Day 2017 by TheUltione

PotatoKoko (my perpetual victim :>)
..and anyone who cares to do this. Be free~
  • Playing: Overwatch, BG&E, FFIII

Alright, another poll to select the contest's theme. Please only vote if you're interested in entering.
To clarify, the first option can also include 'your OCs interacting with mine' if you so wish. Or it can have a theme if you really want one.
So, results.

Screenshot (98) by TheUltione
Colour me surprised but I didn't expect you guys wanting a contest. I thought I'd start one when I had a lot more watchers, but I guess even 5 or so of you is alright.
Also kinda glad that livestreams didn't win since 1) I'm terribly slow and make tons of mistakes when I draw and 2) how.
(though actually, I don't know how to do a process video either so. UMMM. Oops)
ALSO also, for the 4 of you who voted for 'video game reviews', let me give you all a big thank you for enabling my long, rambley habit of writing about things I like; mwah!
I'll have to use straw polls from now on as this was quite a success. :D
Hey guys, I made a straw poll regarding what you all would like to see from me in the future:
Please vote as you see fit! You can pick multiple ones if you'd like, and you're free to comment here to clarify, idc
has uh

has anyone checked the sirica tag recently
The partner AI in Team Kirby Clash is hilariously inefficient

also when will this dumb bandanna dee meme end :^)))


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

Oh, hi...

I'm TheUltione, but you can just call me Ulti. The handsome fellow in my DeviantID is my koi, 喜多郎 kitaro.
This'll mostly be a fanart gallery, but I've taken to drawing my OCs from time to time.

Stuff you should know about me:
• I'm rather painfully shy so I might just end up lurking rather than commenting on anything of yours. By that same token... if I take a bit to reply to you, then that's probably why.
• Speaking of which, I do read any comment I receive and appreciate every single one (even if I don't end up replying).
• I also immensely appreciate any critiques I get on my stuff; no need to ask. Obviously, I'm a rather mediocre artist so feel free to tear it up. I came here to improve, after all!
• I'm not unapproachable at all.. I don't think? You can talk to me about anything, really. (and it'd help with my shyness too ;P)
• If you'd like, please watch my scraps in addition to my regular art! I usually periodically post wips/traditional sketches and screencaps of my digital art so if that's something you like.. why not? d: Otherwise, I also just throw the thumbnail onto a status update and share it like that.
• I'm founder over at Hoshi-no-Kaabii-Fans; feel free to join!
• You can also find my personal + art blog over at where you can reblog my art. It's just a fandom-oriented blog other than a place to post my stuff.
• Occasionally, I'm on KRR going by 'MetaKnight#1fan' (yeah, I know :dead:)
• Oh, and when I'm not on here complaining about my art, I spend my time playing video games, surfing youtube, reading, and (of course) drawing. Or attempting to, at least. d:

No need to thank me for favs, watches, whatever; I'd prefer it, actually, if you don't unless you want some feedback on the thing I fav'd

So, yeah. Guess that's it. See you around..

Free Meta Knight Avatar by Marxie2132 Thank you, Marxie2132 for making me this avatar. :)


For business inquiries, please contact me via note


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